Wrist deep

Salutations to the ticking time bombs of the world,
       The ones that have drowned their voices.
                   Buried their souls.
The ones that have witnessed as their minds& bodies wasted;
          Put their heads down&hands up.
         Sacrificed their genuine emotions;
      and gave into the pressures of the world,
               brushed off the deeps;
       the wrist deeps that need nurturing.
       The SOS call that needs dialing.

To the people that feel,fading into the back will help;
                     help you forget;
                     forgive & move on
          I say salutations to you all
One day when the load becomes too heavy to bear.
           And all the pressures come piling up,
           when the noises get too loud.
                       You’ll explode;
                and hopefully find peace.



This is it..read it if you want

I have always been the type,
That looks out for fireworks;
that moment of ‘transformation’.
You know where I change
& become ‘better’.
See things differently
& be more enlightened.

I’ve been that type that,
thinks that I’ll wake up;
someday and just be great
Know what to say and when to say it.
know how to do things;
the ‘right’ way.
& just be perfect

But things don’t go that way.
Life wasn’t arranged that way
You just don’t CHANGE,
& become a unicorn
You say the wrong things.
Make bad decisions.
Then you learn
& make other mistakes.

Life is a journey filled with mistakes
Imperfections that make the world;
so perfect & the ride worthwhile.


16 Days Of Nonsense?

During the African Union’s meeting in South Africa,Angelina Jolie speaking about women’s rights said “We need policies for long-term security that are designed by women,focused on women,executed by women-not at the expense of men,or instead of men but alongside and with men.”

As the world commemorates, the 16 days of activism for non violence against women and children campaign.You can’t help but wonder to if this initiative has been effective.Since about 35% of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence by a partner or non-partner.A survey conducted in Swaziland suggests that one in every three female Swazis has experienced some form of sexual violence before turning 18 and two out three aged 18 to 24!An estimated 133 million girls and women have experienced some form of female genital mutilation all in the name of ‘tradition’.There are also adult women for almost half of all human trafficking victims globally.More than 700 million women today were married as children!

We can go on and on!It’s sickening to think that this is the world we live in.Women are seen as objects than actual people.Men blatantly brag about sleeping with 5 year olds!Girls are being trafficked and their virginities are being sold,while other women are being sold off as brides in foreign countries.I guess this is it, 16 days of utter nonsense!

Our male counterparts fail to respect or to the least appreciate that women are people too.Not objects!Or some sex toy! To prove their disregard atleast five women were brutally killed during the 16 days.The socio- pathic actions couldn’t wait for another maybe a 100 years or maybe stop completely?!

Before anyone starts pointing fingers at how women are to blame!Everyone is responsible for their actions.The fact that women are physically weaker does not warrant the psychological torture inflicted on us daily.”We need policies for long-term security that are designed by women…”It’s about time things change.

“In 1995,close to 20 years ago,189 governments came together in Beijing.They adopted a platform for Action that spelled out key strategies to end violence against women,empower women and achieve gender equality.The promises from 20 years ago are still valid today.Together we must make 2015 the year that marks the beginning of the end of gender inequality.Now is the time for action.”
-UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka

Petals of me

Playing hide and seek with myself.
I scavenge through my timid soul.
A delicate flower of intricacy even to itself.
A spirit still trying to find itself.
Through the maze of sheer frustration.
Eyes partially opened,
fearful of the exposure;
hiding in a forest of an exaggerated haven.
A flower too idle,too selfish of it’s nectar.
The bees never visit.The sun never sees it
The Colourful vibrate petals shimmering of tear crystals;
is withering in the forest’s damp ground


A mould of special clay
Covered with paint of silver and gold
Clothed with beauty and brains
Embellished with grace and courage
No being can define the creation;
Of complex simplicity
A might of firey essence;
That can not be defined or assessed
A gem so rare
Weather so unpredictable.
It is uncategorised

Words Unspoken

In a clear canvas are abstract stories & revelations
concealed with smiles and oblivious perceptions
Secretive glances,contained guilt
Everyone moves along like there’s no care in the world
It’s better to fade into the back than to admit
Admit to the skeletons in the closet&monsters under the bed
Displaying futility the words unspoken are as loud as a trumpet
Revealing pressure,heartaches and rivers of deceit
Cutting short the smiles,bravado and oblivion
Reminiscent tides washing through the bay of confidence
A daunting soul of vulnerability concealed with lipstick of lies
What was in the dark is in the light
You page to Matthew 7 in the bible;
Justifying the words unspoken